Brief History

Early in 1978, the Lord opened a new door in the life of Reverend M. K. Baxter. He had continually prayed that God would use him even more in his outreach to others.  Even though  he was a zealous young man with certain aims and goals in mind, Rev. Baxter sought the Lord for direction and guidance.  The Lord answered his prayers by giving him a vision to open a church in his local community.  The location did not prove difficult, for he held the first of many services in the living room of his residence in Willingboro, NJ.  His first members were his wife, Lilly and daughters, Tracey, Kirtrina and Patricia. The congregation grew and their living room could no longer accommodate those who came.

On June 1, 1981 the church was blessed to purchase property located at 139 Beverly Rancocas Rd. in Willingboro, NJ.  Pastor Baxter had a vision to erect a church edifice.  The land purchased was quite extensive and included two houses and a shed.  One house and shed was used for income, while the other house served as a facility for prayer meetings, Bible study, Sunday school, choir rehearsals, auxiliary meetings and other church activities.  While building the church, God blessed us to use Holy Trinity Church and Saints Memorial for worship services.

On the years that followed, the Lord sent new members who had a mind to work.  Skilled laborers, carpenters, electricians, and plumbers, the Lord sent them all. Through much opposition and many obstacles from township officials, the Cathedral of Love kept on building.  Workers volunteered their time and equipment.  As the membership grew, the financial needs increased. Weekly, Pastor challenged the saints to trust God in their giving.  Following his example, the members gave sacrificially.  

Word spread across South Jersey.  Who was this preacher who moved his people to want to build God a house?  Not just any house but a beautiful place where they could worship God.  Today "Praise God" the Cathedral of Love stands tall, erect and beautiful and has grown from the humble beginning of a family of five worshipping in their home, to a membership of approximately 100+ members.