Women of Wisdom

This ministry is an opportunity for women age 18 and up to build relationships through fellowship and prayer, to receive righteous instruction from the Word of God, to support one another and to address both spiritual and natural issues unique to women.  The women also participate in community outreach by providing goods and services to meet the needs of children and the elderly.


Golden Girls

This ministry is an opportunity for women age 50 and up to get together to share the Word of God and life experience.  Participants are enriched and encouraged by one another and issues unique to this age group are discussed.  Meetings and fellowship take place at a group member’s home or at a location chosen by the group.

B.O.S.S. Brothers Obtaining Spiritual Strength

Our special programs for men are designed to help men realize their full potentials in God while taking their place of spiritual responsibility in their homes, ministry and community. Ample opportunities are created for men within a spiritually intense and friendly environment to join forces to conquer challenges common to men in all spheres of life. Our emphasis to men is to have a working knowledge of kingdom principles which provides the platform for spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing. Men are also encouraged through the inerrant Word of God to be examples worthy of emulation in character, speech and pursuit of excellence by constantly being conformed to the image of Christ. Our men understand the place of mentoring younger men by instructing them based on their knowledge of the scriptures and experiences in life. Our view of mentorship is to prayerfully and strategically position the younger generation through practical guidance to fulfill the divine mandate upon their lives.