Young Adults

COL's young adult ministry ranges in age from the late teens to the late-twenties. The focus on this group is to provide the spiritual platform that would aid career, relational and life decisions. We consider this a crucial stage in the lives of young adults that requires a lot of guidance. Young adults are taught the specific Bible truths that would help to keep them from being swayed by the waves, doctrines and teachings that have become commonplace in today’s global community. They are encouraged to lay a sound scriptural foundation of divine purpose for their lives in order to become great ambassadors of Christ and good citizens of our great country. A key thrust of the young-adult programming is preparation to rise above the tides of life’s fluctuation and to stand out as strong leaders strategically poised to create change and conquer challenges. Young adults are also encouraged to celebrate their youth and to provide a Godly example in whatever state they find themselves in.